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Target Audience
1.First-rate hospitals: various departments, such as Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Neurology, Sports Medicine, Pediatrics, Pain, gerontology, etc;
2.Special hospitals: orthopedic hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, hospitals of Chinese medicine, geriatric hospitals, private hospitals and clinics, etc;
3.Rehabilitation entities: disabled persons’ federations (in provinces and cities), societies of rehabilitation medicine, assistive device centers, rehabilitation centers, etc;
4.Civil rehabilitation entities: rehabilitation hospitals, sanatoriums, prosthetic centers, disabled soldiers hospitals, child welfare hospitals, sanatoriums for retired cadres, nursing homes, etc;
5.Entities for work-related injuries: rehabilitation hospitals (at different levels) for work-related injuries, evaluation centers for work-related injuries, designated medical centers for work-related injuries, rehabilitation centers for work-related injuries, rehabilitation entities, etc;
6.Sports rehabilitation entities: sports hospitals (at different levels), sport-training centers, physical education colleges, research institutes of sports science, professional sports clubs, etc;
7.Compulsory Schools: special education offices in local Education Departments (Bureaus), special education schools (blind, deaf, mute, mentally handicapped), Autism rehabilitation training and care centers;
8.Domestic trade channel: medical device dealers/distributors, e-business companies for medical devices, chain stores, pharmacies, retailers, etc;
9.Foreign trade channel: international purchasing alliance, international traders, importers/exporters, suppliers, import/export companies of medical devices, etc;
10.Associations, societies, welfare, charity funds from home and abroad;
11.Real-estate developers from home and abroad, architectural designers, city planning agencies, etc.

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